Commercial Cabinet Refinishing in Woodridge

It’s sorry to say but we have found that kitchen cabinets are by far the most under-appreciated assets in businesses all over Woodridge. We are not sure what the logic behind it is but far too many Woodridge businesses seem content with their outdated kitchens. Don’t these businesses know that the longer they leave their place of work in a state of disrepair, the worse it reflects on them?

If you are one of these Woodridge business owners and you have grown tired of getting side-eye stares after showing new clients and staff the state the kitchen is in, it’s about time you give Hanright Home Solutions Inc a call. At Hanright Home Solutions Inc, we have been providing expert cabinet refinishing services to the area for many years and we have been very fortunate to help businesses improve their esthetic value.

Think of our cabinet refinishing services as a more cost-effective alternative to a full-on kitchen remodel. Rather than change everything from top to bottom, with Hanright Home Solutions Inc’s cabinet refinishing services, we work our magic to make your faded, stained or out-of-date cabinets look good as new. Because a kitchen’s cabinetry, particularly those in places of business, takes up so much esthetic real estate, restoring their shine can make a huge improvement.

If you want to have a kitchen that you can be proud of conveniently located in your place of work, give Hanright Home Solutions Inc a call. One of our representatives will be glad to schedule a time to provide a free quote on our cabinet refinishing services, just give us a call today.

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Cabinet Refacing

Unless you work for Hanright Home Solutions Inc, you probably don’t know the difference between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing. We often get calls from customers unsure of what their kitchens might need, so we’ll do our best to clarify the differences here.

The most basic difference is in their definition. Refinishing means that all the cabinet components are kept and it’s only the color or finish that’s changed. The original color or finish is stripped either by hand sanding or with the help of chemicals before the new paint or stain is applied. As for refacing, it means that the cabinet boxes are kept but all doors, drawers, etc. are replaced with new parts.

Refinishing is not an option if your cabinets are laminate or thermo foil because these materials can’t be sanded or stripped. If you have wood cabinets, both options are available to you. If you are torn between either direction, consider how much you are willing to spend on the project, door style and your kitchen’s layout.

If weighing these aspects don’t reveal a clear path for your new cabinetry, feel free to give Hanright Home Solutions Inc a call. Our experts will be happy to consult with you, providing various options and recommendation on how we can move forward. Just give us a call to take advantage of our extensive cabinetry experience.